OWH Editorial Board - Who Does It Support?

Last weekend the Omaha World Herald passed by a great opportunity to endorse my candidacy for the OPPD Board representing Subdivision 4.

I'm amused. It looks like a backhanded compliment for him at best.


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Republicans and Renewables. Really.

I wouldn’t pretend that the American Wind Energy Association is without bias, but they put together compelling numbers in their article, Republicans know wind energy is a good deal. Take a look at the article, which includes this quote “[Republicans] see the clean energy sources delivering cheap electricity, bolstering America’s energy independence and fueling economic development in impoverished rural areas.

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Fort Calhoun Closure

Congratulations to OPPD management for making the difficult decision to close Fort Calhoun. As one who has been knocking on doors and talking about OPPD policies for that past few months, I can tell you that many OPPD customers I met expressed bewilderment and concern at OPPD’s decision to invest so much money into Ft. Calhoun.

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The Formal Announcement

Murray, Nebraska – Rick Yoder announced his candidacy for the Subdivision 4 seat of the Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) Board of Directors. Yoder is a 24-year resident of rural Cass County. The counties that form OPPD Subdivision 4  are Cass, Sarpy, Otoe, Johnson, Nemaha, Pawnee, and Richardson.

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Republicans and Energy Efficiency

Congressman Fortenberry was in the news that crossed my desk today. http://midwestenergynews.com/2016/03/09/wayward-mouse-prompts-nebraska-republicans-energy-revolution/

It seems that his time on the House Energy and Water Development Appropriations Subcommittee informs his understanding of the value of energy efficiency. I say, good for him.

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Bloomberg Energy News: A Renewables Revolution is Toppling the Dominance of Fossil Fuels in US Power

(News items like this come across my desk every week. Renewable sources could be an economic development boon for OPPD Subdistrict 4 - Rick)

Renewable energy was the biggest source of new power added to U.S. electricity grids last year as falling prices and government incentives made wind and solar increasingly viable alternatives to fossil fuels.

Developers installed 16 gigawatts of clean energy in 2015, or 68 percent of all new capacity, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) said in its Sustainable Energy in America Factbook (http://www.bcse.org/sustainableenergyfactbook.html) released on February 4th with the Business Council for Sustainable Energy. That was the second straight year that clean power eclipsed fossil fuels.

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